Oman and United Arabic Emirates / Hajar mountains. 


Omanosaura cyanura  (ARNOLD, 1972)


Lacerta cyanura  ARNOLD, 1972

Omanosaura cyanura  LUTZ, BISCHOFF & MAYER, 1986

Common names:

Blue-tailed Lizard (English)
Omaneidechse (German)


Holotype: BMNH 1971.1291, female

Terra Typica:

Wadi Shawkah, Ra`s al-Khaymah (= Ra`s al-Chaima), United Arab Emirates.

Taxonomic notes:

O. cyanura is clearly split into northern and southern populations (MENDES et al. 2018).

Relevant taxonomic literature:

  • Arnold, E.N. (1972) -  Lizards with northern affinities from the mountains of Oman. -  Zoologische Mededelingen, 47: 111-128.    

  • Mendes, J. & Salvi, D. & Harris, D.J. & Els, J. & Carranza, S. (2018) -  Hidden in the Arabian Mountains: Multilocus phylogeny reveals cryptic diversity in the endemic Omanosaura lizards. -  Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research, Berlin, 56 (3): 395-407.