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  Ireland:  1 species
Zootoca vivipara vivipara (LICHTENSTEIN, 1823)

Zootoca vivipara vivipara


Zootoca vivipara vivipara




Common Lizards are widely distributed in throughout Ireland. They have been recorded in a range of habitats,which include woodland, marshes, heathland, bogs, sand dunes, hedgerows and even gardens. Generally speaking, any place that offers a suitable basking spot (such as rocks, reflective sand etc) and a quick escape route into cover is likely to be adequate for lizard occupation. Common lizards exist in breeding pairs and generally protect an area of habitat that supports the above criteria. In spring the males and females bask in the open to absorb the heat from the sun. Later in the summer it is usually only the pregnant females that are seen to bask. They will often use a stone, log or grass tussock close to cover for basking. If disturbed they often return to their favourite spot soon afterwards.


Source: www.noticenature.ie