Eastern Iran / Dasht E Lut Dessert. 

Uncertain species:

Lacerta mostoufii  BALOUTCH, 1976

Common names:

Dasht-e Lut Lacerta (English)

Taxonomic notes:

This species is known only from the male holotype and two juvenile paratypes (Anderson, 1999). The taxonomic status of Lacerta mostoufii is uncertain with some authors considering the holotype to be a misidentified, or mislabeled, specimen of Darevskia praticola (in den Bosch, 1999). Tuniyev et al. (2011) reject the possibility the holotype could be some kind of Darevskia based on the habitat of the terra typica. However, considering the images and description of the holotype, pointing at a Darevskia, and the fact that the paratypes have been identified as Darevskia praticola, an error in the localization of the type series is most probably the case.