From Cape Peninsula to coastal regions of southern Namibia, inland to Matjiesfontein, the Tankwa Karoo and western valleys of the Little Karoo. 


Meroles knoxii  (MILNE-EDWARDS, 1829)

Subspecies (2):

Meroles knoxii knoxii  (MILNE-EDWARDS, 1829)

Meroles knoxii pequensis  (HEWITT, 1935)


Lacerta knoxii  MILNE-EDWARDS, 1829

Scaptira knoxii pequensis  HEWITT, 1935

Common names:

Knox’s Desert Lizard (English)
Knox’s Ocellated Sand Lizard (English)
Knox’s Scharreidechse (German)


Lost (fide FITZSIMONS 1943); but according to BOULENGER (1921, p. 353) there are `6 specimens from Delalande`s collection in the Paris Museum, incorrectly labelled as types.

Terra Typica:

“Cape of Good Hope”.

Relevant taxonomic literature:

  • Milne-Edwards, M.H. (1829) -  Recherches zoologiques pour servir à l`histoire des lézards, extraites d`une monographie de ce genre. -  Annales des sciences naturelles, Paris, 16: 50-89.  

  • Engleder, A. & Haring, E. & Kirchhof, S. & Mayer, W. (2013) -  Multiple nuclear and mitochondrial DNA sequences provide new insights into the phylogeny of South African Lacertids (Lacertidae, Eremiadinae). -  Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research, Berlin, 51 (2): 132-143.    


Meroles knoxii: 16  pictures (see subspecies level)


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