Highlands of southwestern Saudi Arabia and Western Yemen. 


Mesalina arnoldi  SINDACO et al., 2018


Mesalina sp. A.   ARNOLD, 1986

Mesalina guttulata   SINDACO & JEREMCENKO, 2008

Common names:

Arnold’s Wüstenrenner (German)
Arnold’s Desert Lizard (English)


Holotype: MCCI R890, Adult female, R. Sindaco and C. Sindaco leg., 7 February 1998. Paratype. Adult male MZUF-28670, Yemen, Al Mahwit Governatorate, Kawkaban (about 15.50°N, 43.90°E WGS84), M. Poggesi, M. Borri, M. Manetti and M. Sammicheli leg., 31 January 1984.

Terra Typica:

Yemen, Amran Governatorate, plateau between Zakatin village (Hababah) to Kawkaban (Haraz Mt.) (about 15.51°N, 43.86°E WGS84), 2.600-2.800 m elevation.

Relevant taxonomic literature:

  • Arnold, E.N. (1986) -  A key and annotated check list to the lizards and amphisbaenians of Arabia. -  Fauna of Saudi Arabia, 8: 385-435.  

  • Sindaco, R. & Simó-Riudalbas, M. & Sacchi, R. & Carranza, S. (2018) -  Systematics of the Mesalina guttulata species complex (Squamata: Lacertidae) from Arabia with the description of two new species. -  Zootaxa, 4429 (3): 513-547.    


Mesalina arnoldi  © 1998 Roberto Sindaco