North China, Mongolia, Russia (Tuva republic). 


Eremias multiocellata  GÜNTHER, 1872

Subspecies (3):

Eremias multiocellata multiocellata  GÜNTHER, 1872

Eremias multiocellata kozlowi  BEDRIAGA, 1907

Eremias multiocellata tsaganbogdensis  MUNKHBAYAR & BORKIN, 2010


Eremias multiocellata   GÜNTHER, 1872

Eremias yarkandensis var. saturata   BLANFORD, 1875

Podarces multiocellata   STRAUCH, 1876

Eremias multiocellata var. saturata   BOULENGER, 1887

Eremias multiocellata var. reticulata   BEDRIAGA, 1912

Eremias multiocellata multiocellata   POPE, 1935

Eremias multiocellata   LAMBERT, 2002

Podarces planiceps  STRAUCH, 1876

Common names:

Multi-ocellated Racerunner (English)
Wüstenrenner (German)
Глазчатая ящурка (Russian)


multiocellata: Holotype: BMNH 1946.8.7.69/

kozlowi: Lectotype: ZISP 9141, China, Nan Shan, oasis Ssatschshe (Orlova et al., 2017 indicated `Sachzheu envrions [Dunhuang]`), 1894, Coll. P.K. Kozlov and V.I. Roborovsky

tsaganbogdensis: Holotype: ZISP.19956.1, Department of Herpetology, Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg.

Terra Typica:

multiocellata: `Desert of Gobi, on the route from Sume to the Tola [= Tuul] river`.

kozlowi: `Sachzheu and western Nanshan-mountains`, W China.

tsaganbogdensis: Tsagaan Bogd Uul Mountain, Bayanhongor Aymak, southern Mongolia.

Taxonomic notes:

Subgenus Pareremias

Relevant taxonomic literature:

  • Günther, A. (1872) -  On some new species of reptiles and fishes collected by J. Brenchley. Esq. -  The Annals and magazine of natural history, (4) 10: 418–420.  

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Eremias multiocellata: 22  pictures (see subspecies level)


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