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  Israel:  11 species
Mesalina bahaeldini SEGOLI et al., 2002
Mesalina olivieri schmidtii (HAAS, 1951)
Ophisops elegans ehrenbergii (WIEGMANN, 1835)
Phoenicolacerta kulzeri kulzeri (MÜLLER & WETTSTEIN, 1932)
Phoenicolacerta laevis (GRAY, 1838)

Phoenicolacerta laevis


Phoenicolacerta laevis


  (GRAY, 1838)


From the Kiryat Gat latitude and northwards; also further south in same habitats. Its distribution area is wider than presented in the map when populations living within human settlements are taken into account.


Source: BAR, A., HAIMOVITCH, G.: A Field Guide to Reptiles and Amphibians of Israel


Phoenicolacerta laevis  © 2010 Jürgen Gebhart