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  Iraq:  16 species
Eremias persica BLANFORD, 1874
Lacerta media media LANTZ & CYRÉN, 1920
Lacerta strigata EICHWALD, 1831
Mesalina bernoullii (SCHENKEL, 1901)
Mesalina microlepis (ANGEL, 1936)
Mesalina olivieri schmidtii (HAAS, 1951)
Ophisops elegans elegans MÉNÉTRIÉS, 1832
Ophisops elegans blanfordi SCHMIDT, 1939
Timon kurdistanicus (SUCHOW, 1936)

Mesalina microlepis


Mesalina microlepis


  (ANGEL, 1936)


Possibly in the northwestern Zagros Mountains (based on the MTSS threshold in Moravec et al. 2017).