Spain / Valle de las Batuecas, Peña de Francia and Hastiala. 


Iberolacerta martinezricai  (ARRIBAS, 1996)


Lacerta martinezricai  ARRIBAS, 1996

Iberolacerta cyreni martinezricai  MAYER & ARRIBAS 2003

Iberolacerta martinezricai  ARRIBAS & CARRANZA, 2004

Iberolacerta monticola martinezricai  CROCHET et al, 2004

Common names:

Martinez-Rica’s Rock Lizard (English)
Peña de Francia Rock Lizard (English)
Peña de Francia Gebirgseidechse (German)
Lagartija batueca (Spanish)


Holotype: IPE (CSIC), given as CA 3001, Male, M. MEUIDE leg.

Terra Typica:

Peña de Francia, Salamanca, W Spain.

Relevant taxonomic literature:

  • Arribas, O.J. (1996) -  Taxonomic revision of the Iberian ´Archaeolacertae` I: A new interpretation of the geographical variation of ´Lacerta` monticola BOULENGER, 1905 and ´Lacerta` cyreni MÜLLER & HELLMICH, 1937 (Squamata: Sauria: Lacertidae). -  Herpetozoa, Wien, 9 (1/2): 31-56.    

  • Mayer, W. & Arribas, O. (2003) -  Phylogenetic relationships of the European lacertid genera Archaeolacerta and Iberolacerta and their relartionships to some other ´Archaeolacertae´ (sensu lato) from Near East, derived from mitochondrial DNA sequences. -  Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research, Berlin, 41 (3): 157-161.    




Iberolacerta martinezricai  © 2007 Oscar Arribas