Mauritania, coastal zone of the Diawling NP. Mali, near Bourem. Niger, Abezou. Algeria, near Tamanrasset, Tagmart-Est and Tin Zaouatine district. Libya, Oase Elbarkat 8 km south of Ghat (terra typica P. zolli) and an Oasis 35 miles to the west of Ajedabia. Egypt, Wadi El Natrun. 


Philochortus zolii  SCORTECCI, 1934


Philochortus lhotei   ANGEL 1936

Common names:

Sahara Orangetail Grass Lizard (English)
Sahara Graseidechse (German)

Terra Typica:

El Barkat (? = Al Birkah) south of Ghat in southwest Libya (near the Algerian border).

Taxonomic notes:

Highly relict distribution. So far only from southwest Libya (surroundings of Ghat), northeast Libya (Agdabya in Cyrenaica), Egypt (Wadi El Natrun), Mauritania (coastal zone of Diawling National Park), Algeria (near Tamanrasset, Tagmart-Est and Tin Zaouatine district) and one location each in Niger and in Mali known. The species is highly endangered at these relict sites due to progressive desertification and conversion of pasture to arable land!

Relevant taxonomic literature:

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